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Our goal


Our goal is to earn the privilege of having you as a Nu Frequency client, both now and in the future, we want to do what is necessary to make your event or project a success and realize its goals. As a result of us hand-picking our team we are able to offer exceptional service, great talent combined with the ability to effectively communicate with you.

Why Choose Us?


Well for starters, where else can you find a one-stop shop of this combination of services? Our business model makes events and projects cohesive and stress free for you. We stand apart from the rest because we have:

  • One-stop shop service, combining all you need for your event or project
  • Excellent service
  • Over 15 yrs. of experience in live entertainment, DJs, videography, photography & web strategy
  • Commitment to excellence in communicating with you through your details
  • Professional, highly skilled individuals who understand today's music and media
  • Several packages as well as bundled services to meet your specific needs and budget
  • Impactful and visually appealing video, shot in true HD

Contact us



Phone: 204 772 7620




Phone: 407 259 2929